Welcome to Mindfully Blogging

Hi  I’m Kate Diggory from Eating Mindfully, Living Mindfully and this is my very first post on my blog!

I have worked in the hospice movement for nearly seven years following a life long interest in death and dying. I was inspired to work in this arena through the deaths of some people that I loved dearly. What have the dying and the bereaved taught me? That life is short; it’s precious, that there are no guarantees for our life and that so few of us are prepared for our own deaths, regardless of age. They have taught me in a very real, vivid way that all that really matters when you die is how you have loved and been loved in your life.

I love films and recently I was watching Rachel Getting Married. There’s a great line in there when the bride cites her father saying “that the measure of a great life is not how well loved you are but how much you have loved”.

So today tell someone you care about how much they mean to you – don’t put it off. Just do it. NOW!

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2 Responses to Welcome to Mindfully Blogging

  1. Kate,
    many thanks for this, for doing what you are doing and for remind us in few lines what matter more in life.
    Not always easy to love, especially when you have loved in a wrong way, forgetting that loving yourself first of all is essential, so you end up, somehow, more sceptic and arid.
    If I may, I would had that you need to love your self first then the love you can give is healthy and endless.

  2. Hi

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments.I do agree that we really need to love oursleves and that we so often forget this or think it’s wrong to do so and yet it’s the foundation of our love. I am curently undertaking some formal practice in the Loving Kindness (Metta) meditations as a way of exploring and transforming love for both myself and others. A great starting place is Sharon Salzberg’s ‘book a ‘Loving-Kindness – The Revolutionary Art of Happiness’. This has really helped me to soften my resistance to loving myself

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