Eating Mindfully – easy right – just eat slowly?

When I first started practising eating mindfully, my partner said ‘but I eat mindfully because I eat reeeelly sloooowly’.  Yeah, right hon. Mmm if only it was as easy as eating slowly. That helps for sure. But the key to eating mindfully is to maintain awareness and to try and keep our attention focused on our food. And let me guess what happens to my beloved when he is eating ‘reeeelly sloooowly’ – he is actually thinking about how his favourite football team are doing (rubbish at the moment),  the next CD he’s going to buy, how sarky our 16 year old son is and, oh yes, he’s reading the paper too. Can you see where his mind is? Not on his food for sure despite the fact that he eats quite slowly.

So next time you eat something, look at it and smell it (yes that’s right provided you’re not out for a meal with someone who you’re keen to impress and you don’t want to look like some kind of weirdo,) put your nose to your plate, or lift your sandwich up and inhale. See if you can identify all the different smells and aromas in the food. When you taste your food, try and keep your attention on the flavours in your mouth – you’ll find that your mind wanders and you start thinking about something else or you get carried away in conversation. That’s fine; just bring your attention back to your next mouthful when you notice that you can’t taste what you’re eating. And if you can slow your eating down that can help you to keep your attention on your food and off Strictly Come Dancing or X Factor …

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