Any German speakers? Living with an awareness of dying

 I was recently interviewed for a German newspaper regarding my views on living with an awareness of death and using that to inform the quality of your living – learning to live with as few regrets as possible influenced by my experience of working within a hospice.

The link to the online version of that article is at (Hessisch-
Nidersächsische Allgemeine in Kassel)

If you speak German (which I don’t) could you let me know whether you found it an interesting or thought provoking read or not?

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2 Responses to Any German speakers? Living with an awareness of dying

  1. Sabine Rohde says:

    Yes, of course! Here is the German speaker and reader of the newspaper HNA! And because I read the article about you and your opinion I’ve had a look on mindfullyblog today. I think your perception is very interesting – in particular because I already had similar thoughts since breast cancer was diagnosed for me. I think this issue is very important and too few people think about it, so it has been very good, that the HNA has given it a place in it’s newspaper.
    I must apologise for my bad English, however, I use it infrequently.
    Many greetings from Germany

    • Hi Sabine

      I am so sorry it has taken me a while to repsond but I ahvebeen battling with internet problems this week! Thank you so much for taking the time to respond and like you I think it’s great that HNA did publish the article; it’s a topic which need airing.I’d be interested to hear how having breast cancer has affected your views on life.
      Best wishes

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